1903, 47, Rue Bolivar, Paris
Acme Boots was founded in 1929 by two Chicago shoe manufacturers, Jessel Cohn and his son, Sidney, who initially were childrens and infants' shoemakers. The moved from Chicago, Illinois to Clarksville, Tennessee, where they set up their new factory and called it the Acme Shoe Manufacturing Company.
St. Louis, USA, Advertised as "Largest makers of shoes in the world" with labels "American Lady", "Picnic Special"
Started as a family operated retailer before the WWI, Andrew Geller in 1919 added a wholesale line. Over the years acquired the brands Julianelli and Garmin. Closed in 1989.
Anello & Davide was founded in 1922 as a dance and theatrical footwear company and very soon deserved a reputation for high-quality hand-made shoes, which combined Italian design flair and the English tradition of quality craftsmanship.
The Maison Angelo Mozzillo was founded in 1992 by Angelo Mozzillo. His first collection was presented the following year, and since then this trade mark has remained a guarantee of Made in Italy. He was educated at the Milan Design and Fashion School - Domus Academy.
Arcando is a maker of bespoke shoes in Milan, Italy (Via Durini 20122 Milano)where it takes two and a half months for a pair to be made. Its shoes are of classic British-American styling, and a pair costs about $350, but the workmanship is so exemplary they are worth the price.

B. Altman & Co. was a New York City-based department store founded in 1865 by Benjamin Altman and later joined by Michael Friedsam. The company had stores in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York state, as well as its block-long main store at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Benjamin Grannis born in 1757 was a large manufacturer of boots and shoes in New Haven, Conn., doing business under the firm name of B. Granniss & Sons, with a branch house in New York under the firm name of C. B. Granniss and Co., and another in Charleston, S. C., doing business as Granniss, White & Co., in Richmond, Va. as Granniss, Son & Brothers; and in Petersburgh, Va. as Granniss & Co.
Benjamin Siegel, who was born in Germany on March 15, 1860, came to the United States in 1876. In 1877 he began his career in a general merchandise store in Selma, Alabama, later relocating to Detroit, Michigan where he organized the B. Siegel Co. in 1881.

Carl Franz Bally was born in Schonenwed, Switzerland in 1821. He was the son of a silk ribbon weaver, and together with his brother had taken over the family business in 1847. Carl Franz expanded the company to include an elastic tape that was used by shoemakers.

Bata Shoes (in Czech Baťovy závody) is a large, family owned shoe company. It is currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and operates in 68 countries.
Francis M. Hoyt had started in the shoe business in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In 1884 he built a factory in Raymond, New Hampshire. When his factory burned in 1892, he decided to move the business to the The Twin Towers building, which was constructed by the Queen City Land and Building Association in an effort to attract shoe companies to Manchester.
Bob Inc., was incorporated in June 1919 in Manhattan by G.S. Harron, Elisabeth Spear, who served as president and Vida L. Moore - vice-president and treasurer, with the registered capital of 5 000 dollars. Mrs. Elisabeth Spear died in 1950 at the age of 87 and the NY Times obituary said that Despite of her age she had been active in the firm until her death. See more about Bob Inc. in the ShoeStory section Andre Perugia and Bob Inc.
Bonwit Teller was a department store in New York City founded by Paul Bonwit.
Bonwit opened a store at Sixth Avenue and Eighteenth Street in 1895. Two years later he formed a partnership with Edmund D. Teller and relocated their establishment - now known as Bonwit Teller - to Sixth Avenue and Twenty-third Street. The firm was incorporated in 1907 as Bonwit Teller & Company and in 1911 relocated yet again, this time to the corner of Fifth Avenue and Thirty-eighth Street.
The Bruno Magli company started in 1930s as a family business by Marino, Bruno and Maria Magli in a small workshop at the basement of their home in Bologna, Italy.
Cassius M. Clapp was born in the town of Canton, Norfolk county, Mass., February 23, 1853. Mr. Clapp was educated in the public schools and at Stoughtonbam Institute in his native state, and obtained his first business experience as a clerk in a country store, after which he became a clerk in the retail shoe business near Boston, later engaged in the wholesale boot and shoe trade in Boston.
Cammeyer, located at 677 Fifth Avenue between 53rd and 54th Streets, was one of the best shoe stores in New York. The store, started by Alfred J. Cammeyer, specialized in mens shoes. Address in 1914 - 311 6th Avenue at 12th St., New York City.
Cantrell, Maker,813 Broadway Between 11 and 12 St. New York

Caparros Shoes was founded by Anavel Caparros in 1988.

Shoe makers in Cheapside, London. 18th century.
Ladies footwear brand Connie was created in 1931 by Brown Shoe Company, Inc.
Information about this brand is not clear. There is an advert from the Munsey's Magazine (c 1900s), which states that The Crosset Shoe belongs to Lewis A. Crossett, Inc, maker from North Abington, Mass. Some sources mention that Lewis Crossett has built a 4-storey building for his factory in Abington in 1888.

In 1881, Daniel Green, a young traveling shoe salesman for the Wallace Elliott Company in New York City, visited Dolgeville New York. He was shown a pair of felt shoes fashioned from waste pieces of piano felt which had been made in the Dolgeville Felt Mill. These felt shoes were worn by many factory workers to keep their feet warm and comfortable on the cold factory stone floors.


This traditional British department store originated in a drapers business founded in 1778 in London. In 1813, a partnership between William Debenham and Thomas Clark made the store known as Clark and Debenham. After Mr. Clarks retirement, William was joined in the business by his son (also William) and Wm. Juniors brother-in-law, Clement Freebody, hence Debenham, Son and Freebody in 1851.


The Delman label, established by Herman Delman in 1919, has long been renowned for finely crafted shoes. It is one of the oldest and most respected salon brands in American footwear. A great many twentieth century style setters, including Katherine Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich wore Delman shoes.


The founder of the company Jean-Baptiste Scavini, was born in 1837 inRavenna,Italy, (Emilia Romagna region) and in 1887 he obtained French citizenship and settled in Étretat, where he died in 1914. He developed his business inÉtretat, a city which in the second half of the 19-th century became a popular seaside resort forthe wealthy and famous French, who constituted his clientele. Later the company opened a subsidiary in Paris, 8, rue Anjou and later at 21, rue Cambon. All of the shoes in our collection carry this address on the brand logo.

Brand Educator belonged to Rice & Hutchins, Inc., registered at 137 High St., Boston.

1976 , Escada , . , Escada Escada Sport.

Este, Viault-Este, Viault-Este/Tierry & Sons. Paris, France.

History of Salvatore Ferragamo creator of shoes and founder of the fashion house is a true story of a poor boy turned one of the richest man in Italy. His first pair of shoes was made when he was only nine and at twelve he had his own workshop. When Salvatore was 16 his ambitions led him to the States, where he earned a reputation of the Shoemaker to the Stars, creating shoes for films and the most famous film stars.


George Cox established the company in 1906 in Northamptonshire, home of the finest shoemakers in the world. The company has always combined the quality of Goodyear Welted construction with a flair for originality, working closely with some of the most famous designers of each age.


A refined design manufacturing and retail company established in 1954 in London, Gina Shoes Ltd. have become famous for their exquisite sculptured footwear. Designing couture shoes has been a family trait since 1893. Master shoemaker Mehmet Kurdash had a dream to create glamorous hand-made shoes, and established Gina Shoes in 1954, naming it after his favourite actress, the alluring Gina Lollobrigida. He was committed to beauty and throughout his life he would never compromise on quality, crafting his own designs out of the most beautiful skins.

Bridge and Water Streets, Brooklyn, N.Y. Branch in Boston.
The House of Hellstern, whose major occupation was men's shoes, was founded by Louis Hellstern in Paris in 1870 at 29 July street and closer to 1900 was transfered to Place Vendome, 23.

Beth Levine was born in New York in 1914. She worked in journalism and advertising before she started working as a shoe model for Palter-Deliso, the firm that shocked the public in the late 30's by selling open-toed shoes. In the 40s like David Evins, Beth worked for I.Miller company.

Hood Rubber Co., Boston, USA. Production of rubber overshoes and rubber soled bathing shoes under the label Seaview Bathing.

Jan Jansen is an avant-garde master shoe designer from the Netherlands. His first pair of shoes were the red boots made for his future wife. Jansen studied design, industrial and hand-made shoe production in the Netherlands and Italy. Since 1963 he takes orders for bespoke shoes. In 1965 he designs his first ready-to-wear line of shoes. Since 1968 Jansen produces two seasonal collections under his name. The same year he opens first shop in Amsterdam.

- 1952 . . 13 . , . haute couture, . .


Mr. John Jerro, a native of Aleppo, Syria, came to the USA in 1921 and was the co-founder, with his three brothers, of Jerro Bros. Inc. Jerro women's shoes and high-heel bedroom slippers were sold nationally in major department stores and boutiques, and Mr. Jerro served as president until the company was sold in 1963.

John Fluevog was born in 1948 in Vancouver, where he grew up and began his career as an avant-garde shoe retailer at age 20 with family friend, Peter Fox. In 1970, they opened Fox & Fluevog Shoes in Vancouver's Gastown area and sold avant-garde footwear, including men's knee high patent leather boots in six colours.

John Wanamaker & Co was an upscale men's clothier. John Wanamaker was born in 1838 (died 1922). He and his brother-in-law first opened Wanamaker & Brown in Philadelphia. Some of the clothing was manufacrured right at the facility.

The Joseph Magnin Company was a high-end specialty department store founded in San Francisco, California by Joseph Magnin.
United States Rubber Company and AssociatedCompanies/US Rubber System
Supplier to His Majesty Shah of Persia. Baku
Founded in 1869 Philadelphia, USA as Laird & Mitchell to produce misses\', children\'s, and infants\' shoes.
Lord & Taylor was started as a small dry goods store in 1826, and is one of the oldest upscale-luxury, specialty-retail department store chains in the United States. Its founders were English immigrants Samuel Lord and his cousin George Washington Taylor.
The Bruno Magli company started in 1930s as a family business by Marino, Bruno and Maria Magli in a small workshop at the basement of their home in Bologna, Italy.
Mayer - Martin & Picard, Anciens Etablissements, 23, Mortimer-Street, London.

Ladies shoemaker (cordonnier), Paris.

P. Elliot Monquignon. Suce de L. Perchellet, 356 rue St. Honore, Paris, France. Awarded at the Paris expedition in 1900's.

Carrie Marcus Neiman and Abraham Lincoln Neiman, along with Ms. Neiman's brother, Herbert Marcus, founded Neiman Marcus in 1907. The first store was in downtown Dallas, Texas. They sold their sales promotion business, and set their sites on opening a store like that had never been seen, providing fine ready-to-wear apparel and unsurpassed customer service. The corner stone of their company was "It's never a good sale for Neiman Marcus," Herbert Marcus said, "unless it's a good buy for the customer." Stanley Marcus, son of Herbert joined the business in the 1920s. and in 1938, he instituted the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion. Among recipients have been Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior, Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Miuccia Prada.
Today Neiman Marcus is positioning itself to be the most fashionable store in the USA and offered footwear from the worlds most exclusive shoe designers.

PIERRE DUMAS COLLECTION features a wide variety of shoes from casual sandals, stylish pumps for the working woman, to fashionable boots and dressy evening shoes. The Pierre Dumas line of Olem Shoes is made in China with synthetic uppers and bottoms. These trendy shoes come in great styles for a great price. These shoes are moderately priced for the value-minded consumer. Olem Shoe Corp. - 800 Northwest 21st Street - Miami, Florida 33127 Footwear Importers and Distributors since 1964
Department store founded in Boston, USA, in 1865. Initially was situated at 32 Winter street, but a few years later moved to 504 Washington str. The company was selling a wide range of cloths, footwear and accessories under its brand.
Initially men's store, specializing in Scottish cloths and accessories. Later became a a department store in Edinburg and Glasgow.

Saks Fifth Avenue, originally called Saks & Company, was founded in 1902 by Andrew Saks. Carrying both their own luxurious creations and European designs, Saks & Company merged with Gimbels in 1923. In 1924, the department store moved to Fifth Avenue (between 49th and 50th Streets) in Manhattan, becoming Saks Fifth Avenue. From the beginning it offered the highest quality clothing for men and women. Originally the store was supervised by Horace Saks, but after his death in 1926, Adam Gimbel was made president of the company. He headed Saks until 1969.

Label "Sorosis" belonged to A.E. Little & Co, 75 Blake St., Lynn, Mass., USA. Company was active from 1898 till 1934.

Sergio Zelcer left Cuba in 1959, when the familys small shoe factory was taken over by the Castro government. In 1961 he was living in New York and met his future wife. Two years later in 1963 the Zelcer family moved to Miami and started a sandal factory, Flamingo Shoe, which later grew into Espanola Shoes, which was importing shoes from Italy and Spain.

Alfred J. Sweet. Lunn & Sweet Co. Division of United States Shoe Co. Auburn, Maine.
24 Summer Str., Boston, USA Temple Place, Boston, USA
Este, Viault-Este, Viault-Este/Tierry & Sons. Paris, France.
Tupper brand belonged to Tupper Slipper Corp., which in its turn was owned by E.P. Reed & Co., manufacturing shoes in Rochester, N.Y.
Este, Vialt-Este, Viault-Este/Tierry & Sons. Paris, France.
The Wichert & Gardiner were registered in the 1897/98 Lain's Directory Brooklyn as Manufacturers of high grade Shoes, Slippers and Oxford ties, LXV Heels and Satin Goods a Specialty. Office and salesroom: Broadway and McKibbin Street through 24, 26 and 28 Boerum Street.