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When in 2003 I have unexpectedly realized that I have started building up a shoe collection, I immediately understood that red shoes will be an important collection of it’s own. I was right. Shoe Icons collection now has about 200 pairs of red shoes from different periods and countries.

The route to this book was not short. The project was conceived several years ago and it was then that we met Maria Koz’yakova, who wrote the main article for the book. Actually, we were hoping to make a beautiful album with pictures of red shoes, but we decided it was important to present our readers with a broader view on the phenomenon of red color, its historic and psychological aspects. Red is probably the only color, comprising so many most contradicting meanings.

This book is a collective enterprise and I am most grateful to everyone, who one way or another helped to accomplish it. Major part of the book is made up of pictures of the red shoes from our collection and want to thank my son Roman for his never-ending search for new ideas and perceptions, of the seemingly simple objects. I appreciate the contribution of Raisa Kirsanova with her historical insight into the significance of red in costume and everyday life.

We hope the readers will be equally interested in reading the articles and looking through the pictures. We look forward to the new project - Gold shoe.