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Red Shoe

Shoe Icons

Red Shoe book is a collection of pictures of red shoes from Shoe Icons museum. The pictures are complemented by two very interesting articles on meaning of red colour in human history, everyday life and fashion. A section of illustrations and adverts shoes another aspect of importance of red colour in shoe history.

Shoe Icons calendar for 2013

Shoe Icons Publishing

Shoe Icons calendar for 2013 signifies the start of the project - Gold Shoe. This is why the topic of the new calendar is gold coloured shoes.

Shoe Icons museum calendar 2012

Shoe Icons Publishing

2012 calendar for the first time features some shoes from the collection of Eperon D'or. We shoe the best examples of the shoe art and tell a short story of their history.

Shoe Icons Museum Calendar 2011

Shoe Icons Publishing

The topic of this year's calendar is red shoes. This calendar pre-empts the photo album we published in 2012. The album is not only be full of pictures of wonderful red shoes, but features a most interesting article by professor Mariya Koz'akova explaining the importance of the red color in human history from the early pre-history to modern times.

Shoe Icons calendar for 2010

Shoe Icons Publishing

This year the calendar is based on advertising and erotic photos of the early 20th century.

Footwear in the 20th century. History of fashion and design.

Nazim Mustafaev, Natali Podtelkova

Shoe Icons museum is happy to announce a new book by Nazim Mustafaev and Natali Podtelkova - Footwear in the 20th century. History of fashion and design. The new book tells about the development of footwear fashion in the Western world throughout the 20th century, major achievements and stages in design.

Shoe Icons Calendar for 2009.

Shoe Icons Publishing

This calendar is made up of photographs by Roman Mustafaev, created for the chaper covers for the new book, published by Shoe Icons - Footwear in 21st century.

Shoe Icons Calendar for 2008.

Shoe Icons Publishing

The idea behind this calendar is to show various shoe accessories - shoe buttonhooks, silver buckles, heels with rhinestones, spans and shoes button covers.

Shoe Icons Calendar for 2007.

Shoe Icons Publishing

2006 Calendar with pictures of antique, vintage and designer shoes from the Shoe Icons collection.

Calendar for 2006

Shoe Icons Publishing

Main idea behind this calendar was to show the beauty of details. Close-up photography has created a special effect revealing nearly independent beauty of shoe details.

Calendar for the year 2005.

Shoe Icons Publishing

2005 Calendar with pictures of antique, vintage and designer shoes from the Shoe Icons collection.

Maestro Salvatore Ferragamo

Natalia Podtelkova

This book is the first serious publication in Russian, devoted to life and creative work of the most famous shoe designer - Salvatore Ferragamo. The book is richly illustrated with historical photos, pictures of the shoes models and patents. Chapters of the book: History, Rich and Famous, Shoes, Family.
This project was made possible thanks to cooperation with the Ferragamo Museum in Florence.

Materials used in production of footwear and leather goods. Reference book

K.M. Zurabian, B.Y. Krasnov, Y.I. Pustilnik, M.M. Bershtein

Reference book gives the guidelines for properties of the material used in production of footwear and leather goods, on the basis of manufacturing and technical requirements to these materials.