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Art Deco Fashion

Nazim Mustafaev

New book by Shoe Icons "Art Deco Fashion" is a lavishly decorated publication devoted to beaded dresses and hight quality shoes of 1920s - 1930s.

18th century. Costume and Shoes.

Nazim Mustafaev

Первая и единственная русскоязычная книга, посвящённая обуви XVIII века. Коллекция обуви XVIII века виртуального музея Shoe Icons - крупнейшее собрание обуви этого периода в России. Кроме 65 пар обуви в коллекцию входят чулки, два платья и мужской костюм и пряжки.

Celluloid Heel

Nazim Mustafaev

New book by Shoe Icons publishing Celluloid Heel tells the story of the first man-made plastic - celluloid and its use in footwear. In 1920s wooden celluloid covered heels, decorated with rhinestones were in full vogue. The book is lavishly decorated with photos of shoes, heels and adverts. E-mail me at if you want to order the book.

Red Shoe

Shoe Icons

Red Shoe book is a collection of pictures of red shoes from Shoe Icons museum. The pictures are complemented by two very interesting articles on meaning of red colour in human history, everyday life and fashion. A section of illustrations and adverts shoes another aspect of importance of red colour in shoe history.