Red Shoe

Red Shoe

Яркость, привлекательность, призывность красного цвета сделали его главным выразителем любви

Brilliancy, attractiveness and appeal of the red color have turned it into a primal expression of love. Tender feelings, cordial predisposition, carnal infatuation are associated in many nations with warmth provided by fire. To be in love - is to burn, not to love - is to be chilly and cold. This is why the notion of the wildfire of passion and heart fervor has become traditional. This is why red in many nations symbolizes affection. Red rose is the emblem of love.

Archetypical nature of the red color intrigues fashion designers, artists, colorists and psychologists. Why are we so attracted by red? Why men tend to the “colder” blue and green shades and women - to “hot” red and yellow ones? Many mysteries of the red are still awaiting for their keys.

All over sudden we attribute a new meaning to the red shoes of a little girl from the Hans Andersen’s parable fairy-tale. Having become yet another symbol of modern civilization, red shoes, just as before remains the embodiment of such a simple and affordable pleasure of life.