Brands Hood Seaview Bathing

Hood Seaview Bathing

Hood Rubber Co., Boston, USA. Production of rubber overshoes and rubber soled bathing shoes under the label Seaview Bathing.

The company history starts long before the name Hood Rubber Co. came into existence. George Henty Hood was a resident of Chelsea, Essex County, Mass. and worked as a rubber goods salesman and businessman at the ned of the 19th century. Before the Civil War he worked for Winslow, Hood and Co. of Boston, a company which mainly wholesaled shoes and boots. Later, Mr. Hood was a traveling sales representative for Rubber Clothing Co.

In 1877 Hood founded the Boston Rubber Company, which in 1892 merged with 9 other companies into a future rubber giant - US Rubber company. In 1986, two of Hood's sons, Arthur Needham Hood (1868-1950) and Frederic .C. Hood formed the Hood Rubber Co., in Boston, where the company retained an office until 1912. Hood Rubber company was one of the biggest companies in Watertown, Mass., employing 10 000 people in 1920s. In 1929 Hood Rubber was acquired by B.F. Goodrich, but continued operating as Hoods Rubber, producing rubber shoes and other goods under its own and Goodrich brands. The company was closed in 1969 as result of competition from cheaper imported goods.
Address in the UK: 141 Shoreditch High Str., London. Other trade marks of the company: Arrow, Arden, Arena, Armore, Defender