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Alfred J. Cammeyer started his retail shoe business for men and women in New York in 1875. By 1885 his shop expanded to include 165, 167 and 169 on Sixth Avenue. He started partnership with Louis Hart in 1893, which lead to opening of a new shoe shop at the corner of Sixth Avenue (311) and 12th Street.

Cammeyer was famous for high-quality fashion shoes and in the 1920s became one of the leaders in shoe advertising. A famous American artist illustrator John Vassos started making advertising for Cammeyer in 1924. As it appears from the theatre adverts the Cammeyer company was producing shoes from for various shows and performances. The company was not only producing high quality lady's shoes with exotic names like Minaret. but also sport shoes for football, tennis and bicycling. In 1898 Alfred Cammeyer recieved a patent (#599, 491) for the construction of special bicycle shoes.

Following the depression Cammeyer closed some of the shops but continued to sell shoes under the brand till 1960s.