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Ducerf Scavini & Fils

The founder of the company Jean-Baptiste Scavini, was born in 1837 in Ravenna, Italy, (Emilia Romagna region) and in 1887 he obtained French citizenship and settled in Étretat, where he died in 1914. He developed his business in Étretat, a city which in the second half of the 19-th century became a popular seaside resort for the wealthy and famous French, who constituted his clientele. Later the company opened a subsidiary in Paris, 8, rue Anjou and later at 21, rue Cambon. All of the shoes in our collection carry this address on the brand logo.

His daughter Jeanne married a Ducerf, who continued his father-in-law's business. Their son, André Ducerf, was the last to run the shoe-trading until 1934 when he sold the company to Nicolas Greco. This fact is confirmed by the Archives Commerciales de la France dated December 7, 1934, stating that the main object of the acquisition is company clientele.