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B. Granniss & Son

Benjamin Grannis born in 1757 was a large manufacturer of boots and shoes in New Haven, Conn., doing business under the firm name of B. Granniss & Sons, with a branch house in New York under the firm name of C. B. Granniss and Co., and another in Charleston, S. C., doing business as Granniss, White & Co., in Richmond, Va. as Granniss, Son & Brothers; and in Petersburgh, Va. as Granniss & Co.

As the family history shows Benjamin was not the only man connected with leather and shoes business in the family. The first to engage in this business was Edward Grannis, who was born in 1630 and lived first in Hartford, Conn., then in Hadley and New Haven. Another Benjamin, born in 1747, was also engaged in the leather trade, boot and shoe business. They had no way of distinguishing each others property and so Benjamin (1757) adopted the final "s" to his name making it “Granniss”.

B.Granniss & Son is listed in the The American Advertising Directory for Manufacturers and Dealers in American Goods for the 1831.