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Feldman, Beverly

Beverly Feldman was trained as a shoe illustrator and designer, graduating in 1965 from New York’s Pratt Institute. After graduating, she became art director for fashion consultant Doris Weston. In the 1970’s Beverly was a designer for I. Miller and was subsequently design director for both Pankin and Andrew Geller. Then, at the age of 31, she opened her own business called Lucky Lizard Trading Company based in Alicante, Spain, where she still lives and designs today.

Beverly’s motto ‘too much is not enough’ embodies both her personal philosophy and her design philosophy. Beverly’s mission is to make every woman feel like a star. Beverly’s own glamorous, high voltage couture style dictates the themes and direction for all the collections and sets the tone for the global brand image. The Beverly Feldman design gospel now spans three generations as daughters, mothers and grandmothers all wear Beverly Feldman shoes.