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Adams, Roger and Sarah

Roger and Sarah Adams first began their commercial involvement with pointed stilettos in the summer of 1983, and spent several years retailing shoes ranging from original, unworn old stock stiletto-heeled women's fashion shoes from the early 1960s, to the post-punk "alternative" styles produced by the few small London factories still able to make women's shoes with pointy toes.

By 1987, Roger and Sarah had begun to design their own range of pointed stilettos. These early, hand-made "Roger and Sarah Adams Classic Stilettos" were well-received internationally and featured frequently in the fashion press (Vogue, Elle and The Tatler amongst others). They were photographed by the late Bob Carlos Clarke, included in a catwalk collection (and stocked) by Katharine Hamnett and worn by various celebrities. Actress/singer/model/designer, Mila Jovovich modelled them for French Vogue magazine. Liverpool actress Margie Clarke wore them for an interview on the Wogan chat show. Journalist Chrissie Iley bought several pairs. Madonna appeared in Roger and Sarah Adams shoes on the cover of a 1992 calendar.

Throughout their career in shoes, Roger and Sarah have always sought inspiration from their early days as collectors and purveyors of the original 1960s pointed stilettos. In their new RoSa Shoes range, ideas evocative of this era combine Italian components and craftsmanship with a modern perspective to create an outstanding collection of stiletto-heeled shoes and boots.