Stiletto heels banned!?

Restrictions for certain types of clothes are not rare in the history of fashion. Numerous sumptuary laws were imposing limitations on use of some types of expensive fabrics, number of fur coats per person, length of shoe toes and heel height or application of jewelry in costume. The reason behind these restrictive regulations might have been economic or religious or ethical.

Many sources depicting the invention and adoption of stilettos - pumps with thin and high heels - mention them as something banned by airlines and some building owners.

I failed to find any definite proof that such a ban was actually imposed by airlines. Probably, the reason for this belief was a requirement to take off high-heel shoes during evacuation via inflatable emergency chute in an emergency. However, the situation with the harmful impact of stiletto heels on the floors is more realistic.

Recently Greece has been discussing the possibility to ban ladies tourists from wearing high heels in historic and archeological sites. The authorities of the Italian town Camporosso have set a fine for wearing high heels at the children's playground, which is fitted with anti-traumatic surface.

So, obviously stiletto heels can have a negative impact on certain surfaces and here is photo to prove it.